About Our company

We are Equi Tax, Here to hybird the power of IT Sector with professional expertise. Aim of this company is serve the need of business man without compromising his comfort. We cover your need with online and offline mode through Our branches. Business and professional are interdepents to each other.

Equi tax has made effort to simplify business process through easy procurement of Tax, Finance, Accounting, Insurance and regularity compliance.

Our compnay has associated with CA,CS and Insurance expert with fulltime exprienced services.

Why Our Company ?
EquiTax & Women Empowerment

Equi tax is a women owned business group directly Support Women empowerment, as it is owned, managed and operated by the women with new ideas of promoting and fortuity there role in the society. Some part of Society restrict women in the business field. Giving opportunity to women with some of the best business ideas for women to help upcoming women entrepreneurs who want to start there business. Equi tax vision of equality for women is about restoring dignity and self-respect , and creating an atmosphere where women feel free to work.we provide them Chance to work from home and earn the living to get equal chance to stand with men. Mrs Sushila, onwer of Equitax takes steps to support women to participate in Business activities and compete on the basis of Equality. Her efforts will bring a new light in the life of women by giving them opportunity to join Equitax for business startup. Part of income earned by equi tax will be contributed toward girls education and development. Girl's not only educate them self but develop there standard of Living . In order to abopt better life.

We are easy to use. We are reliable. We are always there.

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