Inome Tax Filing Details

Equitax is known for data confidentiality and high privacy offered to the client for their valuable information. We are just submitting information with government in secured way to fulfill your financial need.

Your contact information is store in our database for our continuance of relationship and keeps on your services in just click. We safeguard your financial information on agreement of non sharing basis except sharing option with you only.

We always tried to follow safety standard on highest extend with complete reliance of our customers from past many years. Compliance to the Information Technology Act is our motive to perform the action in rules and regulatory framework.

What information we collect?

Only the information mandatory needed by the Government for compliance of various statutory acts are required by us. Documents and information are obtained in highly secured manner from your hand. We strongly recommend uploading your documents from your own hands to our website and app. Our products and services are developed in such a manner that it is easily understood and easy to put so our confidentiality policy is getting strong day by day. Payment gateway of PayU money is another strong and easy method to clear your dues.

How do we use information?

Information obtained by us is converted into financial language with your permission to utilize in filing purpose. All documents and information are submitted to concern department with your consent. Data secured on cloud are remaining confidential and secured. Our filing system is used by Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost Accountants and accounts expert so data are properly formed and analyzed.

What information we share?

Information produced by us is the law full right of customer, we abide rules and regulation of privacy, confidentiality and integrity in sharing produce of our website. We handover information to you with secured sharing option to easy use and third party sharing on prior consent. Agents or third party on contractual basis are secured in such a way that information is shared as per direction. Banks, insurance company, financers are the registered third party for users of your financial information.